The Dining Room In The Conservatory Studio

If your kitchen is too small for accommodating the entire family to join for dinner and you don’t have enough space for a separate dining room either, a garden studio could provide you with the additional eating space you need.

Don’t worry: you don’t have to cross the garden to reach your dining room; the garden conservatory studio may be reached directly from your house, so it doesn’t need even a separate entrance!

Conservatory Studio

If you are concerned that you have to carry the food from the kitchen to this garden building, especially if they are not connected, again there is no reason for anxiety. You have enough space there for a kitchen as well, which may be either separate or as the trend is today in the same area as the dining room.

There are plenty of design tips to make them look well together, as if completing each other. You can floor the dining space with cappuccino marble tiles to differentiate the dining area from the kitchen area that may be tiled with slate or travertine in hues to match.

Or, given the timber elements of your studio, you can have a laminated timber floor in the dining room, matching the wall panels, and some brushed marble tiles in light brown shades for the kitchen floor or walls. Such an arrangement would make the advantages of a rustic dining room in the garden clearer, that is, plenty of natural light and greenery and fresh air blending with the delicious smells of dishes, giving all of you a good appetite.

Besides, by having better possibilities of airing the space, given the large windows, you could keep any stale odors away from the rest of your house. At the same time, maintaining your house clean will prove easier once all the food is so to speak removed in here.

Further, you can have not only formal dinners here, like Thanksgivings and Christmas, but also birthday and anniversary parties. You can as well decorate the room with flowers and balloons and place the long dining table and chairs against the walls, having thus dance floor for your guests.

Therefore, for a better place for cooking, eating, dancing and enjoying meanwhile the natural surroundings, get your garden studio right away from! It will take just one day to have it ready for welcoming your family and guests.

Conservatory Studio Home Extensions