Five Questions To Ask When Getting Your Double Glazed Windows Replaced

So you ready or maybe even in the process of having the windows replaced in your home. The worst case scenario is that the installer you have hired is incorrectly installing your windows. Here are five questions to throw at potential contractors who may be interested in bidding for the replacement of your windows.

Question 1 – How do you install your windows?

Questions to ask about Double Glazed Windows

Many window installers take the old window out of the rough opening. I guess it depends from region to region but if you have a look in the Pacific North West, window companies in Vancouver do not remove the original window from the rough opening. The contractor will break the window down to the original frame and piggyback the new window on top. I guess with milder temperatures in this region protecting energy lose or gain is not as important as regions with more extreme weather. If you live in a place that gets really cold or hot make sure the install is down to the rough opening.

Question 2 – Do you re-attach the house alarm?

Most window companies do not but you should ask so they are aware that you have one. The wiring will go through the window frame and a pre drilled hole helps a lot when your alarm company has to reattach.

Question 3 – Can you install window that opens like mine?

Many installers purchase windows that may not come with the opening dimensions and styles your home currently has. Some window contractors can assume that they have your best interest at hand when they install the only window they have in stock.

Question 4 – What is the warranty?

Most warranties are based on the fine print but the general promise speaks volumes. A labor warranty is required as to most trouble one has with replacement windows is generally based on bad installation methods. There are many factory outlet windows out there that do not pass industry standards and you can tell right away by reading the warranty information.

Question 5 – Are the windows energy rated?

The whole point of getting the windows replaced in your home is to ensure that the windows are going to save your home the discomfort of losing the heat or gaining heat at the wrong moment. When you build a window it does not take much to meet the standards of energy efficiency today, unfortunately there are still window makers out there who fail to meet the standards.

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Top 5 Sensible Questions to ask about Double Glazed Windows